Our village, Saurat is very fortunate in having had local representatives who fought tooth and nails to keep the foundation of a close knot social fabric together both for the village and the inhabitants of the valley .

Which means we still have amenities which have disappeared in even bigger towns today !

The Village School

Amazingly enough therefore we still have a primary school here which makes for an attractive place for parents and children alike.

Pic of the school 

Children can be in mixed classes- a bit like the olden days , they have a lot of outdoor activities and parents are very active and supportive of the school. So if you have kids up to Lycee then youwill enjoy not having the kids tossed in a bus at 6am for a far away place to learn.

The further outcome is that it creates strong bonds between children because , after school, they get back together and play on the main place in front of the Church.  They play “old stuff”games like hide and seek, jumping, bicycle, football and all physical activities which are prohibited in many other places.
Since this area s central to the village, kids run around freely , there is always someone watching out for them parents or local residents especially as some of the children parents live literally in houses giving on the big market place.

You don’t see children hunched over their smartphones at least among the younger ones ..

The Post Office

Add Pic of the PO 

Yep, we have a PO.
Another victory for the village which allows us to deal with all kind of paperwork
pick up some cash or send stuff without having to go down to the main town.
It is important to consider a bank account at the PO just to make paying and receiving money from government bodies easier.
But it’s certainly NOT the one you’d want to use on a permanent basis !

Here is one we use, totally online and pain free


ADD N26 aff link here 

The Bakers

They say it’s the best bread about
but not only that, the whole village usually migrates to the bakery ever morning to retrieve their baguettes but also croissant, chocolatines and other goodies ( you got to try the local apple pie ! )
you just have time to reach the bakery whilst your morning coffee is brewing ! aka 3 min walk down the street and back

The local produce épicerie

Once upon a time the village was a vibrant and overcrowded place to be in partly because of the coal made from the surrounding forest . Everything changed during the industrial revolution and work got rare so a large section of younger people moved to  the towns. The local self sustainable life died with it but with the awareness of a lot of changes people are fighting back , and our local green grocers is such a prime exemple .

For the past 2 years and growing with the  virus management , we now have local produce waiting for us just at the other end of the village, so you never need to run to the supermarket unless you want to !

Elsewhere close by..

Smaller supermarkets and choice for shopping in the town Tarascon and Foix respectively 5 and 15 min away on the dual carriage way . Aldi, liddle, Super U, Intermarché, well stocked pharmacies


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