Need to Earn a Living Whilst in France ?

The house is situated in a particularly conducive business area if you are self employed or can/ want to work remotely.

Internet Connection 

First of all we have very good internet connections with the choice of sevral suppliers among whom Orange, Buygues, and Free. we have used them all over the time here depending on the offers they are making and it makes sense to check them regularly.
Unlike the UK we have non binding contracts and it’s up to you to check which offer is better for your usage- Just don’t go and buy a cell phone with the internet provider, stay free and you’ll bedoing well.


If you want or need to be closer to larger urban area for meetings, Foix, Pamier, Saverdun and Toulouse have all you need to conduct face to face business.

Airport wise Toulouse, Carcassonne,  Perpignan, Bezier, Pau have all excellent connections to the UK Рor shall I say used to have, but in essence they are nearby when the situation gets back to a bit more normality . When flying long distance international, I often look up Barcelona which is a short drive away and has more interesting pricing than Toulouse or Bordeaux.

Train wise you can pick up the local train to Toulouse which is well connected both to Paris and other regional centers or South to Spain as well.

Car wise, you pick up the double carriage way in Tarascon sur Ariege 5 min down the road and you are 40 min from Toulouse .

So this area although out of the way of high traffic and hotspots is very well connected both physically and virtually to the rest of the world- one of my prime choice since I run my own business from home .

Special business Area

In France we have specific zones which attract lower rates of everything for business.
The house is in such an area, meaning that if you want to register or run your business from the house, you will benefit from very substancial discounted rates . Good thing to know !
Apart from tourisme , popular but not exhaustive niches are in the well being industry, natural health care, engineering or social and health care work.

International Crowd.

You won’t need to feel awkward if your French is a bit wobly at first,
On the other side of the road, literally is an English speaking couple and in the village we have English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese , Polish and Italien native speakers! ( remember i told you we are barely 300 leaving permanently in the village !)

So help and understanding is always at hand to help solve the little issues in life when first settling down.

I will be happy to help if you need any more information on the business side of things here.

A great area for tourists

If you are planning to create a business based on tourism, you will have an enthusiastic reception and if you are already bilingual, there is a desperate shortage of english speakers to work in all tourists spots.


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