Rapidly Secure an Uncertain Future #covid #Brexit

Brexit is not the only threat haunting any family in 2020.
Pandemic hysteria equally puts our liberties at risks and if we were to be pushed into other containing situations, you want to be sure to have several things at hand

  • An environment secured from the big crowds but within easy distance from amenities ( health and education)
  • A place where clean water, and locally produced food is plentiful ( think about  your own small vegetable plot already underway and ready to give till the early winter !)
  • No work to be done to the home apart from adding your own touch and stuff you want to bring over
  • A tight knit community where someone is always at hand to help and politics hysteria is not taking roots .
  • Nature all around so you can escape the madness of this world to relieve stress and anxieties
  • A place from where you can work if you have to straight from the moment you set foot in your new home
  • easy local, national and International connections by road, train and plane
  • No pollution , we don’t have intensive agriculture nor factories anywhere near us you can even enjoy stars and moon gazing because lights are turned off part of the night to remove light pollution!
  • Plenty of cultural and local life to engage with
  • Lots of people speaking English in and around the village if you need help to start off with


The house is available immediately to move in and we have a notary that gets things done in the minimum time required by Law all the more easily that he already has the paperwork since we purchased the home through him ! 

So you can beat both Brexit cut off timing and other likely health related upheaval to be in a safe place when all hell is let loose .

Right now is NOT the time start going into structural renovation but to move in into a place that’s already got everything you need right now + the potential to expand when the time comes ( 4th room/ loft/ grange.. ) and frankly the way currency is going better to have it in your home than in the bank!

Extra option to purchase the house in GBP so you don’t loose on exchange rates either ! 

Further option to purchase the house partially or wholly furnished 



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